The Grand rapids Department of Transportation (DOT) has recently improved the number of traffic cameras on Iowa interstates. While the cameras were installed great site in years past, new types were added throughout the year. Commuters from Ames to Ankeny will notice a large number of new cameras along the route. Road 30 in Ames and Interstate 70 8 around Newton can be covered by new cameras. More are expected to get added inside the coming a few months.

In a assertion on Thursday night, the Grand rapids Department of Transportation announced that it will not mount any more targeted traffic cameras. The modern rules have received a blended response coming from people along the state. In February, the department authorized new suggestions for the use of automated traffic observance cameras. The most recent rules do not place any kind of restrictions around the use of visitors cameras, which usually take millions of dollars from the general public each year. In the mean time, a number of Grand rapids cities are thinking about adding more camcorders for their roadways. The increase will only make the problem worse.

After a series of law suits by local communities, the DOT offers decided to place traffic enforcement video cameras under condition control upon state-controlled roads and roadways. On Wed, the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION will begin enforcing its new rules in Iowa’s interstates and streets. The new rules will allow the DOT to publish information on road construction, several programs and travel information. The push comes a few days after having a lawsuit was filed by the city of Sioux Town against the new DOT guidelines.